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UP Police was preparing to frame the accused for the violence after Friday prayers! Some victims’ families reveal the truth

– After the violence, plainclothes police forcibly entered a house and arrested a student.

– Allegations were made that the plainclothes police abused the women.

-The police also allegedly beat up a man who protested against their misbehavior towards the women.

Prayagraj— Allegations continue to be made that the police have been framing innocent people as the accused in the violence that happened after the protest that followed Friday prayers [Jummah Namaz]. Questions are being raised across the country on the police actions following the protests, arson and damage caused.

Stories of police barbarity are also appearing from Saharanpur and Prayagraj in Uttar Pradesh. Those whose family members could provide evidence of innocence have been released, only after experiencing the police’s brutality, and the terror remains fresh in the minds of the family members. Due to this police action, people’s faith in the law and judiciary also seems to be fading. There is a sense of anger and bitterness among the people towards the police.

In Atala, Prayagraj, the police went to a BSc student’s home and forcibly took him away after alleging that he was involved in the violence. When the family objected, the police were disrespectful toward them. Despite the family members providing evidence of his innocence, again and again, the student was kept in custody for more than 24 hours. When the police realized that their narrative was falling apart, they were forced to release him. Because of the action taken by, and the brutality of the police, the student was so full of fear that he could not even prepare for the examination due to be held on June 13. He remained fearful up until the time he went to the examination center.

Local residents have claimed that the police released Arshaan because his family had solid evidence of his innocence, while others who could not provide this proof have been sent to prison. We contacted Ajay Kumar, Senior Superintendent of Police, Prayagraj, in this matter. His PRO [public relations officer] informed us that he was busy. So details about the matter were sent via a message to the Senior Superintendent of Police, Ajay Kumar. Until the time of writing this article, no response was forthcoming.

Learn about the details of the matter

Mohammad Arshaan Ansari lives with his maternal uncle, Altaf, in Atala in the Khuldabad area of ​​Prayagraj, UP. Arshaan’s father Mohammad Shamim Ansari died 12 years ago. Since then he and his mother Shebi Begum have been living with his maternal uncle. Mohammad Arshaan Ansari is a third-year BSc student at Thakur Har Narayan Singh Degree College, Prayagraj. On Friday, June 10, in Prayagraj, a protest broke out after the Friday prayers, followed by violence. The time when the incident happened, between 3 pm and 6 pm, Mohammad Arshaan was appearing for his botany examination.

Arshaan’s maternal uncle Mohammad Altaf Ahmed Ansari at his shop.

Recounting the incident, Mohammad Arshaan’s maternal uncle Altaf Ahmed Ansari, who is a general tradesman and runs a small shop in the area said, “On Saturday, June 11, our whole family was sitting on the terrace. Because of the tense atmosphere in the area, Arshaan was also not allowed to leave the house. The main door of the house was not closed. Around 6 pm, about 10-12 plainclothes police entered the house. All of them started to take Mohammad Arshaan away. When the women of the house opposed this, the police hurled verbal abuses at them. When I also protested against their action, they misbehaved with me and beat me up.”

Mohammed Arshaan’s maternal aunt Shamima Begum, told us, “We live with our brother in his house. Our mother is dead. Being the responsible one, my brother has not yet married. The child has grown up in front of our eyes. There was a lot of distress when he was picked up that day. It wouldn’t have hurt so much If the child had committed a mistake. We were saying to the policemen, Bhaiyya, leave him!! Leave him !! … and they pushed us away. Then they vented profanities at my sister and me.”

Arshaan’s admit card

Police ignored the submitted evidence

The family alleged that on June 11, the police picked up Arshaanfrom the house around 6 pm. After which they contacted the local police station with Arshaan’s admit card. “We presented the examination admit card as evidence of my nephew’s innocence, but the police put us off by saying that a senior officer would be coming. After reminding him to custody for a day, the police released Arshaan at around 10 pm on Sunday, June 12, after taking his evidence in writing from him. However, not all those arrested were fortunate enough to have such solid evidence.”

Police harassing local people

Since the violence broke out in Prayagraj on June 10, in the presence of the uniformed men posted on all the major streets, strangers in plainclothes have been harassing the locals in Atala even more. The locals have claimed that soon after the violence, plainclothes police misbehaved with the families who were protesting against the forcible arrests of their children. Those who had proof were released after much effort had been made. But those who weren’t able to produce any proof were sent to Naini jail.

CCTV and DVR installed in Arif’s house gone missing

Three neighbours were arrested, and CCTV destroyed

Arif Ali (31), Ghulam Ghaus (31), and Inayat Ali (19) live in each other’s neighborhoods. All three people do painting work for a living. On Saturday, June 11, everyone was sitting on a platform erected outside Arif’s house, when some plainclothes individuals attacked them. It is alleged that a day after the incident, people in plain clothes were roaming around the streets. “Some plainclothesmen came into the alleyways and picked up our children. Before leaving, they tried to break the CCTV wires and took away the DVR.”

Since the day the violence broke out, a mountain of difficulties has confronted Shahina, who lives on a nearby street. Her husband Salim, alias Guddu, who is an electrical good mechanic, left the house that evening and has not returned since. Shahina, a mother of three, said, “When he didn’t return at night, I became anxious. The next morning my nephew told me that Salim’s name was among those who had been arrested.” Salim is the sole breadwinner of the family.

According to the locals, this car was damaged by people who came in plain clothes.

Faisal, the nephew of an elder resident of Atala, Riazul Haque Choudhary (60), was arrested by the police on charges of violence. It is alleged that the local police were implicated in damage while they were carrying out their activities. Pointing to the cars with broken glass, Choudhary said, “They attempted to destroy the CCTV cameras and damaged the cars and vehicles parked in the streets. We request the government to arrest those who were seen participating in the violence, while those who have been wrongly arrested and jailed should be released immediately.”

The market closed despite assurances from the administration

The market that was once filled with people now appears like a conflict-struck area, with the police and paramilitary forces keeping a watch on every movement of the local people. In the curfew-like situation, there is a feeling of unease among the local traders.

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[Story Translated By Lotika Singha]

Satya Prakash Bharti
Satya Prakash Bharti
Satya Prakash Bharti, Journalist The Mooknayak

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