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UP: Dalit minor abducted and gang-raped, Thanedar and sub-inspector suspended for negligence

In an incident that took place in the Kavinagar police station area of Ghaziabad, the victim’s family submitted a complaint to the CM [chief minister] JansunwaiPortal. The ADG Meerut Zone [additional director general] ordered the SP [Superintendent of police] of Harpur to investigate the matter. The station house officer [thanedar] and the sub-inspector [daroga] were suspended after it emerged that they had been negligent.

Ghaziabad— A case of negligence by the police officials of Kavinagar police station in Ghaziabad district is being discussed. The issue came to light when the SP from another district was ordered to investigate the case. The Thanedar responsible for meting out injustice to the victim and her family has been suspended on the basis of the findings of the investigation ordered by ADG Meerut.

Learn about the details of the case

According to the father of the Dalit victim from the Kavinagar police station area of ​​Ghaziabad, “On May 19, the 13-year-old minor had gone out to pick up her younger sister from school. As she was going, three youths from the same village, Mukul Yadav, Sumeet Yadav, and Tassi Yadav, pulled her into a car. The three youth then took her in the car to a secluded area behind a petrol pump on NH24 and allegedly raped her and also made a video of the incident.”

The three youths threatened to kill the victim and then absconded after leaving her near the village chaupal[meeting place]. In this incident on May 19, the younger sister returned home from school herself, after which the family members called the older daughter but she did not pick up the phone. The family started a search for her, and the victim returned home in the evening in torn clothes. Out of fear, the victim did not tell her parents about what had transpired to her.

The matter comes out in the open as the victim becomes unwell

The father of the minor girl said that after five days, the daughter’s health began to deteriorate continuously. She had lost her appetite and had stomach pains, because of which they took her to the doctor. The doctor explained the whole matter. “I then asked the daughter, she started crying and said when she went to pick up her younger sister from school, village locals Mukul Yadav, Sumeet Yadav, and Tassi Yadav abused her and also made a video.”

Father afraid of untoward repercussions and shame in community

Social worker Naveen Gautam supported the victim’s family in this matter. Naveen Gautam said, “I came to know about the incident from the family members. I explained to the family and assured them that I would support them in every possible way. After which the father came with me and made a complaint about the matter to the Senior Superintendent of Police [SSP], Ghaziabad, Muniraj.”

The Mooknayak asked Naveen Gautam as to why he did not take the victim’s family to the local police station. Naveen answered, “The attitude of the Thanedar and the rest of the police here is always this: they do not pay attention to you. That is why I went to the senior superintendent of police.”

SSP orders FIR to be registered

On May 28, on the orders of the Senior Superintendent of Police, a case was registered in Kavinagar police station against Mukul, Sumeet, and Tassi under sections pertaining to abduction and rape of a minor, the SC-ST Act, and other sections.

No arrest was made despite FIR, medical, and section 164

Social worker Naveen Gautam said, “The FIR, in this case, was lodged on May 28. The police also arranged a medical exam for the young girl on May 29, but they did not arrest the accused.”

Complaint made on the CM Jansunwai Portal

While talking about the whole incident, Naveen Gautam explained, “The family of the victim is economically weak. They are also not very literate. When no arrest was made even after the FIR was lodged, a complaint was submitted on the CM Jansunwai Portal on May 30.”

Matter escalates to ADG Meerut Zone

After a complaint was lodged on the CM Jansunwai Portal, the matter escalated to ADG Meerut Zone. The ADG Meerut Zone ordered the Superintendent of Police Harpur to look into the complaint. Investigation of the matter revealed the lack of action by Thanedar Anand Mishra and Ichharam Yadav, the judicator in the case.

Hearing about the investigation, the Thanedar makes arrests

When Thanedar Anand Mishra came to know that a complaint had been lodged against him in this case and SP Harpur had been assigned to look into the matter, he immediately arrested one of the accused, Mukul Yadav, and sent him to jail.

The girl is in shock and neither eating nor drinking

The father says that he has to knock on the door of the police daily for justice. In so many days, the police have been able to arrest only one of the accused, Mukul. The victim has just been lying down in a room and does not come out of there even to eat.

It is alleged that the sub-inspector [daroga] now under investigation has behaved negligently in many other cases in the past and he had removed the charge of rape registered in the case.

In another earlier case registered at Kavinagar police station in March 2022, a woman living in Ghaziabad’s Wave City had accused a man of raping her on the pretext of marriage. It had been alleged that the investigating officer, Gudveer, had dropped the charges of rape and molestation from the case.

Incidents of rape happened before too

On March 31, in the Kavinagar police station area, in a chilling incident, a 22-year-old young woman was treated barbarically. Three youths kidnapped the young woman, held her hostage for two days, and gang-raped her. Along with this, she had teeth bites and had been burnt with lit cigarette butt in several places. The victim was in such poor condition that the doctors had to perform an operation to repair her rectal passage. The victim is still battling between life and death.

यहाँ हिन्दी में भी पढ़ें: उत्तर प्रदेश: दलित नाबालिग के अपरहण के बाद गैंगरेप, कार्रवाई में लापरवाही पर थानेदार और दारोगा सस्पेंड

[Story Translated By Lotika Singha]

Satya Prakash Bharti
Satya Prakash Bharti
Satya Prakash Bharti, Journalist The Mooknayak

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