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The potable water crisis in the scorching summer, women forced to put their lives in danger climbing down a well to access water

Bhopal— The people of Madhya Pradesh are presently going through a severe water crisis. Due to the scarcity of water, people are risking their lives by climbing down into a well to access water. In the last few days, a video from a village in the Dindori district of Madhya Pradesh has been going viral on social media. The video shows women and children trying to access the water by climbing down into a well.

Women sitting on the edge of a well. [Photo – ANI]
Women sitting on the edge of a well. [Photo – ANI]

The people of Ghusiya village, in the state’s Dindori district, are even putting their lives at stake for the sake of accessing water. To quench their thirst in the summer’s scorching heat, villagers are having to climb into nearly dry wells. From looking at the pictures here one can guess that due to the scarcity of water, the situation here has become quite serious. Yet, the Madhya Pradesh government and Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan never hesitate to claim that the lives of the people living in the villages have become easier under their government.

A woman climbing up to come out of a well. [Photo – ANI]

CM Shivraj Singh has said that his government has ensured water supply to every house in the state. But after the video mentioned above [was released], the falsity of the government’s claims has been exposed. Even then, it is not an easy task to do, the villagers are having to risk their lives in order to access water. In particular, the women go deep down within the mostly dry well to access water.

The news agency ANI has shared a video of Dindori district on its Twitter handle. The video shows two women climbing down the wall of the well with a vessel and then climbing up again after getting water. These women go down by holding on to the wall of the well and then coming back up the same way. You will get goosebumps seeing this video, but the government and administration have no strategy as to how to resolve the problem of the villagers.

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[Story Translated By Lotika Singha]

Ankit Pachauri
Ankit Pachauri
Journalist, The Mooknayak

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