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The Mooknayak founder Meena Kotwal honoured with the Streekal Journalism Award

A feminist evening at the Constitution Club in tribute of the constitution and democracy.

New Delhi— A symposium jointly organised by Streekal Patrika and NFIW [National Federation of Indian Women] was held at the Constitution Club on Wednesday. The seminar discussions focused on women’s rights granted post-independence, the right to advocacy, the All India Dalit Women’s Conference, and the achievements made in the 75 years since India’s independence. During the programme, Meena Kotwal, founder of the alternative media group The Mooknayak, was honoured with the Streekal Journalism Award.

The symposium speakers shared their views on topics including “Women’s Participation in Parliamentary Democracy”, “The Court in Democracy, Democracy in the Court” and “Women’s Representation: Historic Initiatives and Aspirations”.

[Streekal Certificate of Award.

Meena Kotwal is an established name in journalism committed to the cause of marginalized peoples. By embracing the journalism of Babasaheb Bhim Rao Ambedkar’sMooknayakas her heritage, she has herself become an institution. Streekal takes pride in honouring the journalism of this daughter of “Phule-Ambedkar”. STREEKAL FOUNDATION, Vasundhara, Sector 9, Ghaziabad]

Sanjeev Kumar Chandan, the editor of Streekal Patrika, said that the speakers’ talks were thought-provoking, and the participants listened resolutely and took part in the programme. The auditorium was packed and many people were not able to find any space. The Phule-Ambedkar community of Delhi made the programme their own, which especially is a recognition ofStreekal’s own commitment too. On this occasion, Meena Kotwal, founder of The Mooknayak, was honoured with the Streekal Journalism Award. Many people applauded this decision to honour Meena.

Chandan told us that the speakers included Saeeda Hameed, a former member of the Planning Commission, D. Raja, General Secretary of the CPI [Communist Party of India], Maitreya Pushpa, former president of the Hindi Academy Delhi, Rajendrapal Gautum, Social Welfare Minister, Delhi Government, B.G. Kolse Patil, former Justice in the Bombay High Court, Fauzia Khan, Member of Rajya Sabha (NCP), Rajni Patil, Vandana Chavan, Member of Rajya Sabha(Congress), Annie Raja, General Secretary (NFIW), Chhaya Khorbadge, President of the Dalit Writers’ Association, and the historian Ratan Lal.

The speakers spoke about the rise of women. There was a discussion on the participation of women from within the home up to the Parliament. One person said that 33 percent of seats in Parliament should be reserved for women, while someone else said that it should rightly be 50 percent. While Prof. Ratan Lal said that why should not women, i.e. half of the population, have a separate party of their own? Everyone’s comments were significant and all of them raised questions in my mind.

On this occasion, the poetry of Rajni Anuragi, Poonam Tushamad, and Arun Kumar was recited. Krishan Chander’s story Kaloo Bhangi was performed under the direction of Ishwar Sunaya. People came from Delhi as well as many other states to attend the symposium. Women made up a large proportion of the participants. The programme was compered by Medha.

यहाँ हिन्दी में भी पढ़ें: स्त्रीकाल पत्रकारिता सम्मान से द मूकनायक की संस्थापक मीना कोटवाल सम्मानित

[Story Translated By Lotika Singha]

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