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The Mooknayak and Article 14 awarded ‘HRRF Best Media Organization Award 2022’

Award is given to The Mooknayak News Platform for “Human Rights and Religious Freedom Journalism Award 2022”.

The Mooknayak news platform, which has completed just one year, was selected for the HRRF Journalism Award 2022 on Sunday. The award has been formally announced through the official Twitter handle of @HRRFJ_Awards.

We would like to tell you that our team of The Mooknayak has covered the issues of Dalits, Backward castes, Women, Laborers, Minorities, Tribals, and Farmer’s communities prominently for the last year.

Recently, a few weeks ago, The Mooknayak was also shortlisted for the “HRRF Best Media Organization Award 2022” along with stalwarts like Scroll, Newslaundry, Maktoob, Article 14. After which the final announcement of this international award was made on Sunday, in which The Mooknayak and Article 14 were declared the winners of the “Human Rights and Religious Freedom Award 2022”.

The Human Rights and Religious Freedom Journalism Awards (HRRF) announced a total of five categories of awards. Which are as followed:

 1. Best Text Reporting on Human Rights & Religious Freedom

 2. Best Photo Story on Human Rights and Religious Freedom

 3. Best Video Story on Human Rights and Religious Freedom

 4. HRRF Young Journalist of the Year Award 2022

 5. HRRF Best Media Organization Award

Among the award categories, Akanksha Kumar of “Newslaundry” for Best Text Reporting on Human Rights and Religious Freedom, Shahid Tantreya of “The Caravan Magazine” for Best Video Report on Human Rights and Religious Freedom, and Priyanka Thirumurthy of “The News Minute” for Best on Human Rights and Religious Freedom,  Syed Shahriar of “The New Issue Magazine UK” for Photo Story, HRRF Young Journalist of the Year Award (Joint Winner) Ismat Ara of “The Wire” and Aishwarya S Iyer of “The Scroll”, and Best Media Organization Covering Human Rights and Religious Freedom (Joint Winner) have been announced as ‘The Mooknayak’ and ‘Article 14’ as the award winner.

After receiving information about this award, Meena Kotwal, the founder of The Mooknayak expressed gratitude to all the readers and supporters of The Mooknayak. She mainly attributed this success to her team.

For all the awardees, HRRF had decided to grant them an amount of 1 Lakh (Indian Rupees). In case there are more recipients for a category, the grant money will be divided amongst the awardees.

At the same time, she expressed the hope that Mooknayak’s supporters and those who have contributed to The Mooknayak as readers and viewers, will continue to extend such immense dedication and support.

The Mooknayak
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The Mooknayak is dedicated to Marginalised and unprivileged people of India. It works on the principle of Dr. Ambedkar and Constitution.

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