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SC verdict against Himanshu Kumar will weaken the democratic and constitutional process: Rihai Manch

There is also a demand to quash the FIRs [first information reports] registered against social worker Medha Patekar and 11 other people.

Lucknow— The Rihai Manch has issued a statement on the Supreme Court’s verdict against veteran Gandhian activist Himanshu Kumar. According to Rihai Manch, the judgment will undermine the democratic and constitutional process. The Manch has welcomed Himanshu Kumar’s decision not to pay the fine, following in the footsteps of Gandhiji.

Muhammed Shoaib, the president of Rihai Manch said that, on one hand, the BJP has selected Draupadi Murmu as its presidential candidate, while on the other hand, a conspiracy is being created to imprison Himanshu Kumar, who has been raising his voice in the interests of and for the rights of Adivasis. In the land of Gandhi, demanding justice is rewarded with fines, and FIRs – those raising their voice for justice are being silenced. The same happened with Teesta Setalvad, RB Sreekumar, and Sanjeev Bhatt. “The common people are being enslaved by removing justice for them. In such times, we will continue to struggle for truth and justice.”

According to Rihai Manch, this decision will weaken the democratic and constitutional process.

Muhammad Shoaib noted that Himanshu Kumar had alleged that, using swords, security forces had killed 16 Adivasi people in Chhattisgarh. Going beyond all limits of cruelty, the fingers of a one-and-a-half-year-old child were brutally chopped off. Himanshu had sought justice from the Supreme Court in this heinous case many years ago. Instead of an investigation into the matter, which is what should have happened, a fine of Rs 5 lakh has been imposed on the petitioner.

Rajiv Yadav, the general secretary of Rihai Manch said that in the name of anti-Naxal operations, Adivasis are being repressed on a large scale in the country. While dismissing the 13-year-old petition and imposing a fine of Rs. 5 lakh on the petitioner, the Supreme Court indicated its assent to an inquiry into whether certain individuals and organizations were allegedly using the court to protect left-wing extremists. This clearly shows that such an unfortunate verdict is singularly politically motivated. “Where there should have been an inquiry into who carried out the massacre of the Adivasis, it is the petitioner themselves who is being investigated. Do the state, the administration, and the judiciary have any empathy towards the Adivasis? All MPs in the country who are justice-loving and empathetic towards Adivasis should state their position on this,” he said.

This decision is an attempt by the government to suppress the voices of the people’s movements -Rihai Manch.

Government should cancel FIR filed against Medha Patkar and 11 others

Rihai Manch has also termed the filing of an FIR against veteran social activist Medha Patkar and 11 others as a conspiracy and demanded that it should be quashed immediately.

Rihai Manch president Muhammad Shoaib has stated that the attacks against those who strengthen the constitution and democracy are steadily increasing. He said, “Senior social activist Medha Patkar devoted her whole life to save not only the Narmada but an entire community living on its banks. This is an attempt by the government to suppress the voices of mass movements. The aim of the government is to intimidate and silence civil organizations, but which will never happen.”

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[Story Translated By Lotika Singha]

Arun Kr Verma
Arun Kr Verma
Journalist, The Mooknayak

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