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Madhya Pradesh: Notice for Job released by Sidelining the Reservation Roster

Bhopal— There are signs of violation of reservation rules in the only technical university of Madhya Pradesh. Recently applications were invited for the positions of contract faculty in the School of Information Technology University Education Department. There has been no adherence to the reservation procedure by the University administration. The roster has also not been maintained by the concerned members.

Reservation Roster Glossed Over

Reservation has not been adhered to in the recruitment of contract faculty. This was disclosed in the Notification which was released. It is to be noted that on earlier occasions also the University had flouted the reservation rules.

The Madhya Pradesh government is making overtures to the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes but the officers sitting in the administration are riding roughshod over the rules to issue directions. The question which arises is that is RGPB is planning a reservation scam by not complying with the reservation rules.

Speaking to The Mooknayak the Head of the Department of the School of Information and Technology Prof Sanjeev Sharma says “ First we will recruit and then implement the reservation roster”. But according to the information in any Vacancy, first, the roster is implemented. The notice for the vacancy is released afterward.

Vijay Shankar Shravan, the state correspondent of AJAKS (Anusuchit Jati Karmchari Sangh) told The Mooknayak that “ In the usual procedure the reservation restores is abided in advance. If the University does not do that It is totally wrong. AJAKS will definitely take action against this. Vijay Shankar Shravan also told that many other departments are also recruiting side-lining the rules.

GAD had Issued Directions on the Reservation Roster.

According to a letter sent to the Chief Secretary of all the departments and the Chief Executive Officer of Zila Panchayats with serial no: F 07-55/2021/ dated 31st January 2022- the vacancies to be filled directly at the state level and at the district level have to adhere to 100 point reservation roster. In this roster, it has been mentioned in detail that the Other Backward Classes with getting the benefit of 27% reservation from 8 March 2019 and the Economically Backward Classes will get 10% reservation from 2 July 2019.

The Reservation stack up in Madhya Pradesh

Scheduled Caste 16%

Scheduled Tribe 20%

Other Backward Classes- 27%

Economically Backward Class- 10%

Total -73%

[Story Translated By Pratikshit Singh]

Ankit Pachauri
Ankit Pachauri
Journalist, The Mooknayak

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