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Madhya Pradesh: Family subjected to harassment after Dalit groom rides a horse in ‘Bindori’ under protection from the administration

A Dalit bridegroom’s wedding procession passed a temple under the protection of the administration. But it is alleged that after the marriage, his family has been facing harassment and their home was pelted with stones.

Madhya Pradesh – Close to the border of Madhya Pradesh with Rajasthan, in Sarsi village, tehsil Manasa, district Neemuch, after a Dalit (Scheduled Caste) bridegroom’s wedding procession (Bindori) passed in front of a temple, his family has allegedly received threats of being ousted from the village.

What is the whole issue about?

On January 27, 2022, Rahul Meghwal’s marriage took place in Sarsi village. It had been his father, Fakirchand Meghwal’s wish that his son would ride a horse in the wedding procession (Bindori)amidst great fanfare, but he also feared that some people would create a hindrance. The Meena community was of the view that the bridegroom should get off the horse and walk when the procession passed in front of the temple, but this was not acceptable to Fakirchand and his family.

The bridegroom’s family members applied to the Neemuch administration for protection, and with their cooperation, the wedding procession (Bindori) proceeded without any altercations and all was also well following the marriage when the bride came home. But since then the family has been facing harassment.

Home pelted with stones after the wedding

Regarding this issue, Rahul Meghwal told The Mooknayak, “It has been almost 2 months since I got married, and from that time to now, every day our house is being pelted with stones. When we step out and check, no one is around but the moment we go inside, the pelting starts again. We have lodged a complaint at the Manasa Police Station and also with the Neemuch administration, but no concrete action has been taken so far. We have even requested that the administration should install CCTV in the village and take appropriate action against the culprits.

Head of Bhim ArmyMadhya Pradesh warns of agitation

Sunil Astey, head of Madhya Pradesh Bhim Army, Azad Samaj Party, while tweeting on the matter, wrote, “After a Dalit groom rode a horse in his wedding procession, the people of the village began to throw stones at his houses every night. The ‘dial 100’ police comes daily, but the harassment continues. On January 27, under the supervision of Bhim Army/Police, a wedding procession proceeded in Sarsi village. To ensure justice @collectornemuch will be picketed”.

In another tweet, he wrote, “@ChouhanShivraj the question is will Dalit grooms in Madhya Pradesh have to pay the price of riding a horse with pride in their wedding procession with their lives? Today Bhim Army reached the village, and I myself spoke. I also attended the wedding and am a witness. All supporters should be prepared for a blockade from the village right up to Neemuch”.

Dalit intellectual and journalist Dilip Mandal also wrote on this matter, “When a Dalit in India pays himself to ride a horse on the day of his marriage, the administration has to prepare as if a war with a neighboring country is imminent. They will not reform. How can those who are incensed when they see you riding a horse, tolerate your progress? This struggle will go on for a long time.”

Security assurance by the police

The Manasa station house officer [SHO] KL Dangi told The Mooknayak, “The SDM himself came with me to Sarsi village to meet Rahul Meghwal’s family after they lodged a written complaint regarding the stone-pelting. We are ensuring their security and an investigation is ongoing.”

Najir Hussian
Najir Hussian
Nazir Hussain Multimedia Journalist The Mooknayak. Email: najir.hussain@themooknayak.in

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