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Investigation: Under pressure from IPS officers, a Thandedar subjected three youths to third-degree torture and sent to jail by SHO

-UP Police’s machinations to plot a fake disclosure of a robbery, three innocent people were subjected to third-degree torture.

– Dalit’s head constable was implicated in the case by the investigating police team. With the FIR [first information report] not registered even after CM’s order, for 7 years the victim has been given the runaround as he seeks justice. Officials not personally answering calls on their CUG number.

Kanpur— Seven years ago, on August 3, 2014, in a fake disclosure of a registered case of a robbery that happened in the Barra 8 area of Ram Gopal Chauraha, Jarauli Phase 2, in Barra district, a Thanedar [police station official] and other police officials investigating the case, under the pressure of IPS officers, crossed all limits of barbarity. Three innocent people were taken to the police station and brutally beaten up by the police all night and were given the third degree to force them to confess to the crime. Money was also allegedly extorted from the three people framed as accused after being taken to the police station. Later, the same money was used to buy items similar to the stolen goods and desi Kutta [country-made/handmade pistol], and a fake disclosure was done. After an audio recording related to the case was leaked, all the blame was put on the head constable who had just been following the orders given by his senior officers. On the orders of the IG [Inspector General] Kanpur Zone, the head constable was suspended and a departmental inquiry was set up against him. A case was also filed against the head constable and he was sent to prison.

However, after an investigation by DIG [Deputy Inspector General], Kanpur found him to be innocent, he was reinstated. The two months and 21 days spent in jail were very distressing, and when along with the disgrace, his salary for six months, as well as his post-retirement pension and fund became affected, the head constable began his fight against the fake disclosure team to prove his innocence. With regard to the full matter, the head constable has several times sent a written complaint to the Chief Minister of the state, the President of the country, and various departments, but no action has been taken. To the extent that orders were issued from the CM office to the SSP [Senior Superintendent of Police] to register a case against the guilty police officials, again no action has been taken. After being appointed as head constable he was promoted to the position of Daroga[sub-inspector] and he has been working, but only three months are left in the job. Due to the ongoing trial, he will not receive the benefits of retirement and pension, and the fear of this has forced the Daroga to run around officers, ministers, and the Chief Minister’s office. In regard to this entire case, district officials including the Director-General of Police, UP, were called on their CUG numbers for information about the matter. In the event, the officials’ phones were answered by the telephone operator, the PRO [Public Relations Officer] of the officer, and the gunner of some other official, all of whom said the sahib was busy.

Learn about the matter in detail

On August 3, 2014, a sarafa vyapari [jewelry trader] carrying a bag containing jewellery worth lakhs of rupees was robbed in the Barra police station area of ​​Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. Lalit Soni, a resident of JarauliPhase 2, Barra, ran a jewellery shop, Gajanan, in Chandel Market, a few steps away from his house. As usual on that Saturday, Lalit was going home with a bag full of jewellery after closing his shop in the late evening, when two youths on a black Pulsar bike snatched the bag from his hand and disappeared. According to reports, the then IG Kanpur Zone, Ashutosh Pandey, had given an ultimatum to Barra Thanedar, Sanjay Mishra, to gather information on the incident within two days. After which the police arrested three people and claimed to have cracked the incident.

The whole story behind this incident including the role of the police has been exposed by the head constable who himself had been incriminated in the case by other police officials in order to save themselves. In 2014, Daya Shankar Verma had been posted as head constable at Barra police station. He said that the entire fake disclosure by the thanadar of the police station played out in front of him. Being a junior employee of the police station, he was unable to do anything in this matter. All he was doing was just following the orders given by his officers. He did not know then that these same officers would not support him when saving their own necks. Come and read for yourself, this story of the black deeds of the police officials as told by the head constable, when the police crossed all the limits of inhumanity and sent three innocent people to jail.

Daya Shankar Verma, a former head constable at Barra police station and eyewitness to the incident said, “Virendra Pratap Singh, the official then in charge of the Gujainichowki [outpost] of Barra police station, also known as Kesachowki, andDarogaSheetla Prasad Mishra caught two people and bought them over in a government vehicle. One of them was named Vinod Gupta and the other’s name was Monu Singh. After about two hours, chowki in charge of Virendra Pratap Singh came to me and said, SO [station officer] Sanjay Mishra has said that Vinod should be released. His Mami [maternal uncle’s wife] and mother have come here, accept whatever money that they are giving.”

“I went to the both of them. Vinod Gupta’s mother handed me Rs.10,000. After taking the money, as we were releasing him, the then chowki in-charge Virendra Pratap Singh said to do a search on him. When I searched him, there was Rs.4,000 in his pocket. So adding Rs.4,000 and Rs.10,000 together, I handed over a total of Rs.14,000 to the chowki in-charge Virendra Pratap Singh,” said Daya Shankar. The head constable, an eye witness to the incident, while talking about it, recalled that “When Vinod Gupta was being released, he started pleading and said — Sir, I am a Gupta, I am a Baniya [trader], I am not a dishonest person, I am going home from here, I have been here with you for two hours, please get at least Rs.1,000returned to me.”Daya Shankar further explains, “I also requested Daroga ji, sir his mother and Mami have come, from here they will go to HarvanshMohal, it will take some money, let us returnRs.1,000. Daroga ji returned Rs. 1,000. Daroga ji took the remaining Rs.13,000 and left. Now Monu Singh was left at the chowki with me.”

Arrested youth locked up inchowki

Head constable Daya Shankar, an eyewitness to the incident, further says, “I got a call from SO Sanjay Mishra. SO Sanjay Mishra said, ‘Verma Ji! Just take care that he does not run away, otherwise you will have to be suspended.’ After this, I locked the gate of the chowki, and Monu Singh and I stayed at the chowki itself. After a while, the Thanedar sahib called and said, ‘Bring Monu Singh to Barra.’”

“After receiving the order, I reached Barra police station with Monu Singh. There, he was not taken to the police station but was taken inside Barra chowki near Barra police station. After being taken there, he was made to sit. There was already a man sitting at Barra chowki. I did not know his name and address. In a short while, a history-sheeter Neetu Nai arrived at the police station. Later it was learned that the person who was already seated there was Neetu Nai’s brother-in-law. NeetuNai was made to sit and his brother-in-law was released. Now Neetu Nai and Monu Singh were left at the chowki,” said Daya Shankar.

Late at night, innocent people became victims of police brutality

As he sequentially gave the information about the incident, the head constable who was an eyewitness to the incident said, “Late at night, SO Sanjay Mishra, Inspector Virendra Pratap Singh, Inspector Sheetla Prasad Mishra, and Inspector Vinod Kumar Singh started to beat up Neetu Nai and Monu Singh inside the chowki. Both of them were beaten with belts and with lathis [sticks].” Describing the horrific behavior of the police, the previous head constable and eyewitness of the whole incident, Daya Shankar Verma, says, “The four men held the hands and feet of both of them and started filling their mouths and noses with water.”

Daya Shankar further says, “Succumbing to this brutality of the police, Monu Singh said, ‘Sir! Don’t kill us! The one whom you released for Rs.13,000, take us to his brother, his name is Manoj Gupta, I drive his car, he is my employer, and lives inHarvanshMohal. Whatever you will say – whatever has been looted, will be newly bought and given.’”

Daya Shankar further elaborates, “After this, I went and sat in the government Innova car with the then chowki in-charge Virendra Pratap Singh, DarogaSheetla Prasad Mishra, and Monu Singh. All four of us sat in the car and went to pick up Manoj Gupta. On reaching HarvanshMohal, Monu Singh asked chowki in charge of mobile to talk to Manoj Gupta, but he didn’t give it. The chowki in charge asked me to give my mobile, and so I gave it to him [Monu]. Manoj Gupta did not listen to what Monu Singh was telling him and said let me talk to Verma ji. When I took over, I also said the same thing that Monu Singh had said, ‘Your brother has been releasedforRs.13,000, you also bringRs.5-50,000.’ Manoj Gupta assented to me because his mother had had his brother released from me. When Manoj Gupta came there, he was caught and taken to the police station. Now Neetu Nai, Monu Singh, and Manoj Gupta were taken to the police station, where all three were beaten up.”

“These three were beaten up and they were forcibly asked to arrange a black bag and the stolen items,” Daya Shankar added further. “It was six o’clock in the morning, but in such a short time all three were unsuccessful in being able to give anything. When the goods could not be arranged, SO Sanjay Mishra asked the chowki in-charge Virendra Pratap Singh to arrange the goods.”

Goods bought from another jeweller, Gangaghat police station-diwan arranges desi kattas

Daya Shankar, an eyewitness to the whole case, says, “To arrange the [replacement] goods, along with a constable Amarjeet Singh, I went with chowki in-charge Virendra Pratap Singh to Pradeep Jewellers, a jeweler’s shop in Barra near Kali Mathia. With the Rs.13,000, we bought bangles and toe-rings worth Rs.5,500 at the shop. We all came back to the chowki. Then chowk in charge Virendra Pratap Singh gave me some money and sent me to another Pradeep Jewellers in Barra 8 to buy earrings and some more toe-rings. And then he gave Rs.2,000 to Sepahi [constable]Amarjeet Singh and sent him to the diwan [head-constable] of Gangaghatchowkito to bring a desi Katta [country-made/homemade pistol]. The desikattacostRs.1,200, and Amarjeet returned Rs.800. As the morning dawned over the police station, Vijay, the munshi of the police station, took out another desi Katta from his box.

After buying goods themselves and two illegal desi kattas, police declares cracking the robbery

Daya Shankar says, “With a display of two desi Katta’s and the [bought] goods, the police did a fake disclosure. Along with this, innocent Monu Singh, Manoj Gupta, and Neetu Nai were accused of the robbery and sent to jail. Whereas, these three had nothing to do with the incident.”

Jeweller refuses to identify the goods recovered

In the case of the robbery that took place on August 3, 2014, in the Barra police station area of ​​Kanpur, the jeweler Lalit Soni himself exposed the fake disclosure of the incident by submitting an affidavit in court. In this affidavit submitted in court, Lalit Sonistated that the goods shown as recovered by the police were not his goods. Lalit Soni says, “The police have not been able to solve that incident to date. What did the police do, how did they do it, I have no idea about it.”

Manoj Gupta made an accused in the incident, was given one bag by two people in two places 6km apart

Manoj Gupta (45) who was made out to be an accused robber, while sharing his pain with The Mooknayak, told us, “On August 5, 2014, at around 11 pm, the police called. The police said your driver Monu Singh has committed a robbery and had given the bag to you. The police were beating Monu in front of my eyes, and for the sake of humanity, I asked them not to beat him. I said, first please ask Monu, where did he give the bag to me. Monu said that I gave you the bag near Sachan Guest House. I consider Monu as my son, so I agreed with the statement to save him from being killed. A youth called Neetu Nai was present in the chowki with Monu, Neetu Nai also said that I have also given you the bag. I asked him where did you give me the bag. Neetu said I gave you the bag in Khadepur. I told the police, that two people are giving me the same bag, but the distance between the two places is 6 kilometers. All the policemen started laughing and said, altogether you are trapping a simple man, now no one will touch this case or say anything.”

 “After two days,” continued Manoj Gupta, “Sanjay Mishra came over, he was under the influence of alcohol and started beating everyone. The police implicated me in the case by accusing me of doing recce and sent me to jail.”

After two months, released from jail and again persecuted by the police

Talking about the torture by the police, Manoj Gupta says, “After two months when I came out of jail when an incident happened in Collectorganj, the police picked me up because of the false case being registered against me in the past. I had gone out of the house to buy vegetables when an Innova with numberplate 112 arrived there. I thought they would be Sipahis [constables]. But the then Collectorganjthanedar Dinesh Tripathi was sitting in it. I was taken to the police station and beaten up a lot. My acquaintance Tillu Jaiswal somehow rescued me from the clutches of the police. Since then I don’t go out of the house, nor do I have much to do with anyone.”

Audio recording of incident reaches IG, the police come down hard on head constable

Head constable Daya Shankar explains, “When I made Monu Singh talk to Manoj Gupta at the behest of chowki in-charge Virendra Pratap Singh, it was recorded on Manoj Gupta’s mobile. When Manoj Gupta was sentenced to jail, the recording went viral after his family members released it. When this audio reached the IG, a case was filed against me. I was made out to be guilty in the whole case. I appeared in front of the IG and told him in detail about the misdeeds of the Thanedar and chowki in charge, but I was not heard. I was suspended and a departmental inquiry commenced. I went through a lot of distress. But eventually, I was not found guilty in this case, so I was reinstated. Earlier I was a bus constable, after getting promoted, now I am in the post of Daroga. I will retire after three months. But even today, I still fight the case registered against me by other police colleagues.”

After being jailed for two months and 21 days, evidence is gathered

“After spending two months and 21 days in jail,” DarogaDaya Shankar said, “I started collecting every single piece of evidence to expose the team that did the fake disclosure of the incident. I called up a Daroga who was included in the team, I got him to spill the truth about the whole incident and recorded it. On July 8, 2017, on the basis of this recording, I even complained to CM [Chief Minister] Yogi Adityanath. Yogi Adityanath ordered SSP [Senior Superintendent of Police] Kanpur to register a case against all the culprits.”

“I gave detailed information about the entire matter to IG Ashutosh Pandey, and that the case, however, was filed only against me. I have sent [the information] several times to the Chief Minister, Governor, President, Scheduled Castes Commission, and Human Rights Commission regarding this matter. But there has been no hearing as of now,” said Daya Shankar.

Complaint filed with the police commissioner, the file starts moving

Daya Shankarcontinues, “After four years of being knocked around, in October 2021, after the Commissioneratehad been set up in Kanpur, I complained about the matter to the police commissioner Asim Arun. Asim Arun sahib instructedDCP South Manish Sonkar sahib to carry out an investigation. My statement was recorded by DCP South sahib, but due to pressure from higher officials, he handed over the investigation to his junior officer ACP BabuPurwa Alok Kumar Singh. The ACP recorded my statements but to date, what happened after remains a mystery.”

No response from Kanpur Police Commissioner, Director General of Police as well as zonal officers

The Mooknayak team called the CUG number of the Kanpur Police Commissioner to enquire about the details of the matter, and it was answered by a phone operator. Similarly, when we called DCP South, his phone was picked up by the PRO [public relations officer]. The CUG number of BabuPurwa, the jurisdictional officer of Barra police station, was picked up by his gunner. When we called the Director-General of Police to enquire about the details of the matter, his PRO picked up the phone and said that he was busy in a meeting. AlthoughChief Minister Yogi Adityanath has given several warnings to officials to personally answer their CUG number, even after this the situation remains the same.

Two people framed as the accused in the incident have left Barra

While investigating the whole matter, we tried to contact Monu Singh and Neetu Nai, who had been framed as the accused in the incident. People said that both of them had left the Barra area after becoming victims of police brutality on the night of the incident. To escape the barbarity of the police, both are living somewhere unknown.

यहाँ हिन्दी में भी पढ़ें: पड़ताल: IPS अधिकारियों के दबाव में आकर थानेदार ने तीन युवकों को थर्ड डिग्री टॉर्चर करने के बाद भेजा जेल

[Story Translated By Lotika Singha]

Satya Prakash Bharti
Satya Prakash Bharti
Satya Prakash Bharti, Journalist The Mooknayak

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