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Impact of news: Teachers suspended after forcing Dalit girls to remove dresses and remain half-naked

Case regarding a primary school in Hapur, BSA [Basic Shiksha Adhikari] takes action.

Lucknow— In a primary school in Hapur district, two Dalit girl students were forcibly stripped and their clothes are worn by other girl students. Both the victims remained in a semi-naked state for a long time. While taking action on the matter, on Thursday, the Basic Zila Shiksha Adhikari [Basic District Education Officer] suspended both the accused teachers.

What is the whole matter about?

The victimized family lives in a village in the Kapurpur police station area of Hapur district of UP [Uttar Pradesh]. Two minor girls (8 and 9 years) from the family are class IV students in a composite primary school.

Relatives said that on Monday, both the daughters went to school as usual with their brother, in their school dress. While they were at school, two female teachers asked both the girls to take off their dresses. The teachers said that two other girls in the school needed to be photographed wearing dresses.

It is alleged that when the two students refused to take off their dresses, both the children were given a beating and their clothes removed. The two girl students remained in a half-naked state in front of everyone until the time other children had been photographed in their school dresses.

Family members said that the teachers forbade both the girl students from telling anyone about the incident. In this, the girl students were threatened that if they talked about the matter to their family members, their names would be removed from the school. The girls are real sisters, and they informed their family about the incident, after which their father submitted a written complaint to the Basic Shiksha Adhikari.

Suspension order issued

Regarding the incident, the District Basic Shiksha Adhikari Archana Gupta said that the matter was very serious and an investigation had been done. Both the teachers were suspended after being found guilty in the preliminary inquiry.

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[Story Translated By Lotika Singha]

Satya Prakash Bharti
Satya Prakash Bharti
Satya Prakash Bharti, Journalist The Mooknayak

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