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Diwali Pollution: AQI worsens, but augurs relief

Story By- Ritwik Dutta

New Delhi— Every year after Diwali, the Data for Delhi’s pollution level create a ruckus and hazardous air leaves a serious impact on the health of people.

On Wednesday morning at 6 am, the quality of air in Delhi improved to poor from very poor for a while before slipping back to very poor again. The AQI recorded at the time of the slippage is 349.

According to the Delhi Air Quality Index data, the night of Sunday recorded the best air quality for the last 7 years, although ambient air quality remained poor.

According to the rating system, AQI between 0-50 is considered to be good, 51-100 to be satisfactory, and 101 and 200 as moderate whereas 201 to 300 is poor and 301 to 400 is very poor. On the day of Diwali, the AQI touched 312 in Delhi, where as per the updated report the best time for air quality was at 5.27 pm whereas the worst was recorded at 12.06 am, with numbers reaching a peak of 339.

24 hours after Diwali, Delhi experienced the worst quality of air-which is 3-4 times more than the moderate quality.

The Delhi government had imposed a ban on firecrackers on Diwali but the rule was generally flouted in most areas of the national capital. Despite this, on Tuesday, the pollution levels were the lowest since 2015 due to favorable weather conditions that reduced the impact of pollution.

The state government of Delhi had imposed a ban on firecrackers during Diwali but the rule was clearly seen to be violated in different areas of Delhi.

The statistics of data recorded over the year on AQI in Delhi on and after Diwali,

DateDiwali Day AQIPost-Diwali Day

Although the figures might augur a considerable relief from the chocking air that had become characteristic of the post-Diwali period in the capital, we will have to wait for some more days to reach a conclusion on whether the pollution in the city has turned the corner.

[Story Edited By Pratikshit Singh]

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