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After the news report on Mid-day meals in Primary Schools, started getting regular meals, The children thanked “Mooknayak”

The Mooknayak had raised the issue of milk adulterated with water and the hindered supply of ration due to the indifferent attitude of the principal and the supplier. Taking cognizance of the report published in The Mooknayak, a regular supply of meals was ensured at the school.

Lucknow— While doing a ground report on the Primary Schools in Basti The Mooknayak stumbled upon a school where the students and the cook themselves spilled the beans on the irregularities in the Mid-day meal scheme. The students revealed that the milk provided to almost 100 students was diluted with water. The school was subsequently issued a notice after the District’s Basic Education Officer took cognizance of the report carried by The Mooknayak; consequently, the school started getting regular meals. The happiness of getting regular meals on a regular basis was reflected in their face. The students expressed their gratitude by drawing a sketch “Thank You for The Mooknayak”.

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The cook of the Samvilian Vidyalaya and Odwara II had revealed “we are forced to add more water to the milk. When 100 students are present, we have to mix one-and-a-half buckets of water to 4 liters of milk.

The students of the school also alleged that they had not received Mid-day-meal for at least the last one month. The team of The Mooknayak also found that the meal was not cooked on the day the team reached school for the ground report. On 30th August 2022, An NGO “Moma for Daughters-Kailash Chaudhary Foundation” based in the Odvara cluster of the Basti district released a video, in which the students can be heard saying that the teachers asked them to have their meals at their homes itself as the school has run out of ration.

[Story Translated By Pratikshit Singh]

Rajan Chaudhary
Rajan Chaudhary
Journalist, The Mooknayak | Email: rajan.chaudhary@themooknayak.in

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