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MP: Learn why the Muslim women of Khargone staged a protest; case registered against six

Khargone— In Khargone, Madhya Pradesh, a Chakka Jam and protest staged against the administration by Muslim women has had a heavy cost for...

Tribal News

MP: State gov constitutes SIT to investigate lynching of Adivasis in Seoni

Madhya Pradesh— The government made a major decision on Saturday regarding the death in the Seoni district of two Adivasi men by mob lynching...

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Dalit News

Dalit writers out, RSS ideologues in: List of changes in Karnataka textbooks

Changes made to the textbooks include removal of lessons on Mahatma Gandhi, Dr BR Ambedkar and inclusion of essays by RSS ideologues Vinayak Damodar...

After 75 years of independence, a Dalit Basti in UP is still without electricity and paved road access

Even after 75 years of independence, a village settlement had neither road nor electricity. Many people have died after being bitten by snakes and...

Karnataka: Why did Section 144 have to be imposed for eight Dalits to enter a temple?

For 28 years, savarnas banned Dalits from entering a temple. Following major opposition by the savarnas, the Dalits sought police protection. The Superintendent of Police...

Uttar Pradesh: Dalit father pleaded to police to find the missing minor daughter, Accused of gang-rape and murder of daughter

When his daughter disappeared after going to school, the father himself went around collecting evidence when he could not find her. The father alleged...

“Dharm ka Adharm nahi Karna, this is a yagna of the pandits”: priest stops a Dalit man from participating in Mahayagya

Madhya Pradesh— Reports of economic, physical, and mental exploitation of Dalits keep coming from across the different states of India. The latest case is...


“Even the people feel disgust for us. To such an extent that they stand far from us when even giving us water to drink”...

If the government does not accept our demands, then after 75 days there will be a large agitation in the capital – Bezwada Wilson. Delhi...

Uttar Pradesh: With no money even to feed the family, a farmer deep in debt commits suicide

Although they were getting the free ration, there was no money to buy milk, vegetables, oil, and gas. The four daughters and a 6-month-old...

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