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Minority News

MP: Learn why the Muslim women of Khargone staged a protest; case registered against six

Khargone— In Khargone, Madhya Pradesh, a Chakka Jam and protest staged against the administration by Muslim women has had a heavy cost for...

Tribal News

5 foremost Adivasi women bringing recognition to their communities

New Delhi— As soon as the name of Jharkhand Governor Draupadi Murmu was announced as the President, a wave of joy spread across Adivasi...

Voiceless No More



Dalit News

Jharkhand: From security guard to a PhD, a Dalit youth’s story of struggle

Report- Anand Dutta Ranchi— Umren Seth, a Dalit youth from the district, is now on his way to becoming a professor. He recently passed the...

Impact of news: Teachers suspended after forcing Dalit girls to remove dresses and remain half-naked

Case regarding a primary school in Hapur, BSA takes action. Lucknow— In a primary school in Hapur district, two Dalit girl students were forcibly...

Exclusive: How Prem Kumar, a Dalit student from Bihar, won a 2.5-crore scholarship

- Prem Kumar, a Dalit student from Bihar, has been awarded a scholarship of Rs.2.5 crores to study in America -The Mooknayak talked to Prem...

Dalit writers out, RSS ideologues in: List of changes in Karnataka textbooks

Changes made to the textbooks include removal of lessons on Mahatma Gandhi, Dr BR Ambedkar and inclusion of essays by RSS ideologues Vinayak Damodar...

After 75 years of independence, a Dalit Basti in UP is still without electricity and paved road access

Even after 75 years of independence, a village settlement had neither road nor electricity. Many people have died after being bitten by snakes and...


Gandak River: As water level drops, increasing risk of erosion and villagers worried

About 500 villages situated on the banks of river Gandakbecome directly affected when it floods. Thousands of acres of farmers’ crops are on the...

UP: Even after 3 years of application, elderly farmer did not get PM Samman Nidhi, was deprived of housing scheme and Ujjwala scheme

In 2019, all the people of the village applied for PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana. The elderly farmer had not even received the benefits...

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